10 Android apps that you must try | (easy to use)

It’s been quite a while since I wrote an article. Nevertheless, “Better late than never”! If I ask you a question, “which OS platform mobile do you use?” I believe most of the answers would be “Android”. Android has about 74% market share as per July 2020 stats. So, today, I’m going to discuss the 10 Android apps you must try. Wait! Don’t you have that “Top charts” option already in Google’s Play Store? 

Then why would you need to go through this post? I’m here to discuss a few apps which don’t make to top list but are very handy and make our lives easy. 

Android Apps that you must try

 Whistle Phone Finder

Yes, you whistle to find your phone. Have you ever been in a situation where you misplaced your mobile in your room/office and don’t have access to any other phone so that you can give it a ring to locate it? Or even if you had access to another phone to call on your number, wouldn’t it be great if your mobile hollers back at you when you whistle? And this is why it is a must try app.

Android apps you must try

This “Whistle phone finder” app does exactly that, you just enable it in the background and whistle whenever you are unable to locate it. I’ve tested multiple apps that work similarly and I felt this app has a simple interface and user friendly. If you don’t know how to whistle, then there are alternate apps that respond on a clap too!

 Adobe Scan

Currently, most of us are staying home due to the COVID pandemic and are not stepping out of the house unless it’s very important. In these types of situations what if a friend/colleague/anyone else asks you to send a photocopy of an important document you have? Or print a form and send it back by signing it? You’d quickly use your mobile’s camera and click a photo to share it across, isn’t it? But do you think the image you capture using your mobile would be as good as the one we get using a scanner? I don’t think so! However, Adobe Scan will help you get a perfect pdf out of a normal photo through your mobile’s camera. 

Android apps you must try

This app makes creating PDFs realtime easy! All you have to do is, open the app > use the camera and click a photo > Share the PDF created! 

 Google Snapseed

You must’ve heard about a lot of Google apps but did you know that there’s a Google app for photo editing? Yes, Snapseed is one of the handy tools which has most of the editing features you might be looking for. It has a unique interface that allows you to edit photos easily.

 VLC player

Who doesn’t know the famous VLC player we had on our desktops? It’s a monarch of the video players. VLC for Android is from the same videolabs. You throw any format of a file at it such as MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS, Wv, AAC and it would play them without the need to download additional codecs! It has a simple interface and gesture controls.

Android apps you must try
Android apps you must try

 Tor Browser

You must’ve heard about Chrome, Firefox, Opera for Android which hold most of the market share in terms of internet browsers but why would you need this browser for? Let’s get into details, did you feel at any point of time that you are being tracked over the internet? Or that you want to browse something without being tracked? Then Tor browser is the answer for browsing anything without disclosing your actual IP address and a lot more. Being a web analytics specialist myself, I shouldn’t be endorsing this 🙂 but it’s a useful app in the time of need. When you use Tor Browser for Android, your traffic is relayed and encrypted three times as it passes over the Tor network. The network has thousands of volunteer-run servers known as Tor relays which makes it difficult to track an individual. As a result, you’ll feel the browsing speed to be slower than usual. It also has a tools section where you can install browser add-ons just like the desktop browsers. 

Android apps you must try

 Black player

Stream music has become usual these days but if you still keep your music local then this app is excellent! It comes with a completely black colored interface which goes with the name. This music player has a 5 band equalizer, Sound Amplifier, and a bass booster which produces punchy bass. The sound output from this player is of excellent quality when compared to the other available players in the market. 

Android apps you must try

 Google Lens

This is an amazing AI-powered app that allows you to point your mobile’s camera to anything such as a bird, flower, shop, document, etc., and get details about it and related suggestions too. For example, if you go to a different country and want to understand the meaning of a banner written in a different language then, you can simply use the “Google lens” android app to scan it and translate it to your required language! It’s as simple as that. Google Lens also uses deep machine learning and suggests actions based on the objects in front of it such as shopping, scanning, similar places around you, and more. 

Android apps you must try


Bored of the same wallpapers and ringtones on your mobile? Zedge has wallpapers and ringtones for your call, alarm, notifications. It has an exhaustive list of collections where you’ll find the trending tones and wallpapers. Though it is a bit buggy at times, it’s reliable and provides some quality stuff.

Android apps you must try

 Wifi file transfer

Ever thought to transfer some files from your mobile to a laptop quickly at high speeds? Using Wifi file transfer you can copy files from your mobile device to laptop at high speeds without using any mobile data for free. All you have to do is just hit the start button in the app and enter the URL popped up in your laptop’s browser. You’ll see all the folders in your mobile and can start downloading the files. 

Android apps you must try

Ever note

Ever note is a cross-platform application where you can keep all of your quick notes such as to-do list of the day, quick links, office stuff, etc., It has a cool feature to create separate notebooks which help organize the content. 

Android apps you must try

Thank you for reading to the end of this article! I hope you’ve liked these 10 Android apps you must try because of it’s easy to use interface. However, these are only a few apps among the exhaustive list available in the Playstore. If we missed any of such best apps then please feel free to add them in the comments section below! You can also click here to check out our article on Android vs iOS.

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