What are 5 healthy habits that are essential for a better life?

5 essential habits to get healthy for a better life

It’s good to see you here as you have taken the initiative to know more about the essential habits!

Every machine in the world runs efficiently when they are operated at optimal conditions as per their manuals, except the most complicated machine on the planet which is the human body and sadly without a manual. We are fortunate enough that we have full control over our machines, but we usually tend to exploit it in all possible ways. 

On hunting on the web for many days I was able to curate amazing information and here are the most 5 important things we should be keen on:

  1. Meditation:

This is the ancient practice followed by many of us to maintain our mental health. I wanted to point out a true fact that meditation shows the path to wisdom which enriches the quality of life. 

The last thing everyone needs to do in the morning is to take some time for us to increase our mental peacefulness. We just need to sit in a corner of the room and meditate. Let your thoughts flow in your mind, get along with them and swirl at the beautiful moments and elude from negative thoughts bringing calmness to the mind. I’d ask you all to give a try for yourself if you aren’t convinced yet. 

  1. Nutrition:

It is evident that the performance of the body depends on the quality & quantity of food you’re feeding at the right times. 

Let’s break this down:

We shouldn’t generally assume that we need to have a fixed amount of meals per day. Before having a meal, ask your body whether it needs it. The most common problem is that we tend to overeat thinking that we need to eat a certain meal for our body to function. It’s just a wrong conception that we need to stick on to the number of meals per day. Just go with simple logic, everybody has different bodies and they have different health conditions and why should their eating habits be similar?

Simple steps to follow: 

  • Eat only when you’re hungry, feed your body when it asks for the food.
  • Look out for the nutrition values in the food you are eating.
  • There is no bad or good food, you have every right to eat anything in this world, so enjoy everything with limits.
  • Eat at the right times, try to eat 2hrs before you sleep which prevents you from being acidic.
  • Don’t need to follow any diet, but disciple eating makes it all.

Things to remember: 

  • Never eat when you’re stressed as you’d tend to consume more food than needed.
  • Avoid electronic gadgets while eating to enjoy the essence of food.
  • One bad meal can have an effect on your health for a week.
  • Never combine heat with plastic in your food as it increases ‘Bisphenol A’ causing hormonal imbalance.
  1. Workout:

You need to keep your legs moving all the time as it is said ‘If you don’t paddle cycle it will take you nowhere’. It’s prominent in your life that you take some time during morning or evening in a day and burn your calories. It’s not only about calories, but you can blow away the negative thoughts which haunt you for the whole day. 

Awareness of the workouts in our day to day life is increasing. But the problem lies in the consistency….. Most of us join gyms, cross-fit, gymnastic, and u can name whatever. However, that enthusiastic feeling doesn’t last long for most of us

How to maintain consistency:

It’s your body and you have to challenge your will power and not otherwise. Experiments have proved that if you take up anything new, just do it continuously for a few days and you’d get habituated to it unknowingly.

This is the time for which you have been waiting so long, common guys let’s start a new day to day routine of burning our calories!!!

  1. Sleep:

Rest is as equally important for the body & mind just as the workout is. A good rest is something that you can give in the form of sleep to your body.

The major reason for me to point out this in the list is because most of us have ruined it in our lives because of over usage of gadgets. Of Course, there are other few factors like pollutant air, food consumption, and work pressure.

We are just lying on the bed as a tradition rather than giving it a priority. Yes, you’ve read correctly. Sleep should be on our priority list as it decides our mood and how we perform the whole day. Before writing this article, I made a small experiment, by sleeping only for 4hrs and my day was not great and my body continuously reminded me to take a nap and I wasn’t giving my best. However, The next day I had a deep sleep of 8 hrs and I was able to welcome my day with full excitement and energy.  

Now, it’s time for you to perform this test, then I bet you’d realize how important it is to sleep well. I feel sleep is an opportunity for me to unlock myself and get involved in another limitless world of dreams 🙂

  1. Surround with better people:
Positive people

Our thoughts, habits, behavior, capabilities, and goals rely on the environment you live in. The thoughts of the person who is spending time in prison are way different versus the person who is spending time in a tribal village versus a person who is staying in the richest city in the world. 

No matter how much positivity you carry, it can burn down within no time if the people around you are evil-minded. I’d like to quote one example: when you go for a patriotic movie, you’ll be filled with patriotism and energy will flow in you all the time while watching the movie and you feel that you can do anything. Once you come out of the hall and spend some time in the traffic and friends, The feeling you were filled with will then fade away in no time and your thoughts, actions would change as per the situation you are in. 

You might wonder, how the soldiers always let their life be sacrificed for the country, it’s because of the environment they live in (away from the evil world) and the people they deal with the inspiring stories they hear from the fellow mates and commanders. You should choose carefully who should be your friends to be surrounded by. Sometimes, there is no need to do anything great, other than spending time with the right people which automatically tends to achieve things.

I hope there is some take away in the article. Let’s get along with these basic habits for a better life…

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