Basic Survival Skills needed in today’s world

Basic survival skills

It’s not just living life but you need to survive and cut through the competition we have in today’s world. I’m gonna share some basic survival skills needed nowadays.

The list goes like this:

  • Navigating maps
  • Starting & Tending a Fire
  • Building a Shelter
  • First aid

Hold on…! I’m not gonna list out the survival skills which are needed when we get stranded in a forest and they are not viable in today’s practical world and I can’t beat an expert like Bear Grylls who is idolized for those skills.

We are going to talk about the skills which are essential in our daily life to live in a society where we are losing the battle of life and deteriorating our survival.

Jack of all trades:


It’s a known fact that we aren’t utilizing our brain’s full potential. There is a lot of room to fit in the information. Be hungry and hunt down different skills which you think would help you to progress. 

Instead of being top at one skill, better try to be the jack of different skills. A simple example: Most of us have developed exceptional skills in our childhood unknowingly by being good at various games without leaving any choice. I believe you are one of them. It’s just the interest you put into the skill and it decides how fast you can excel it.

Some of the daily multi-skills would be: By being good at your work, practicing a sport (water, combat, motor, racket sports), a skillful habit (painting, music, skating), learning an additional language, starting a blog/vlog (like me :P), being an influencer.

Balanced relationships:

Before we talk about relationships, let’s dig into an example: You have been working in an office and you have taken up a new project with strict deadlines. Due to the complexity, it isn’t feasible to complete before the timeline, however, this can be achieved with the help of other teams. Here a good relationship with the other team members will help to make this achievable. 

Apart from these, we need to good at relationships among families, friends, neighbors, and anyone with whom we interact daily or frequently (It may also be the storekeeper). So, don’t harness the ego within you, but accept everyone with a smile and try to initiate conversations that would ease to articulate emotions within you.

Basic Survival skills

Beat the competition:

Just look around once, everyone is in a race. Day by day it’s not just the population numbers but also the competition is increasing. A quick example would be vlogs. In the early 2000s, the no.of vlogs on YouTube were very limited, but now every 1 in a 5 is starting a channel with their smartphones. 

Whatever you are dealing with, try to find the competition within and take a different approach that would help you to negate the completion to be on top. I’d like to propose a famous quote: “Without competition, there is no room for progress, you need to first compete with yourself and then with others.”

Basic Survival skills

Be consistent & Confident:

One thing I strongly believe in life is don’t always choose a shortcut because nothing comes to you that easy. Life is like a race track, it comes with curves, all you need to do is be consistent and drive through them. Never be overwhelmed with temporary success, there is a lot waiting for you on the bay to achieve 

You’d never throw a beer can without sipping the last drop! Similarly, never leave the task in between without completing them as being consistent would take you closer to the destination that is awaiting you.

Being sensible:

Human beings are not only intelligent but we also have an important ability called the sixth sense. Most of us can predict what’s gonna happen in the next moment and can act accordingly, this happens when you are aware of what you are doing and going to do. I think this is a prominent skill as it can make or break things (It can also save lives). You need to be aware all the time of your surroundings and act sensibly by which you can operate most of your activities with a conscious mind and not by a subconscious mind (which is not in your control). This would also play a key role in improving your reflexes. Don’t get it? See this video:

Hold your horses:

Be patient, sometimes it takes time for the thing to happen. Whatever you want to achieve or hoping to happen you need to put all your efforts and be patient until the result shows up. I understand we have been habituated to get things instantly. This reminds me of how we took the transition from one day cricket to 20-20 cricket, Movies to short films, lengthy youtube videos to short videos (Tik-Tok, Instagram). Many of us lose out on patience so quickly that we give up and move on to other things so quickly before it starts showing results. I’d like to quote an example of how people tend to take Steroids to achieve a well-built body quicker rather than training hard for years. In the same context, It took 20+ years for Arnold to reach his peak in bodybuilding. It’s not that easy baby…!

Basic Survival skills

Safeguard environment:

I’d like to suggest this skill personally, as we are enjoying what has been left by our older generations, but have been exploiting our environment in all possible ways for many years now. But, we also need to think about our future generations and try to do our part in protecting nature. It’s not how much wealth we should transfer to our kids, but a healthy & positive environment is what everyone should look at.

Forget the world, do your part by:

  • Limiting the usage of plastic/chemicals.
  • Less consumption of fossil fuels (Coal, Petrol, Oils)
  • Increasing the greenery around you by planting trees
  • Protecting wildlife and showing care to other living things.

I feel these are the basic survival skills everyone should posses. So, which skill you are focusing on?

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