What is China’s weapon over the world?

China's weapon over the world

It’s a very controversial topic which is trending nowadays. Everyone wants to know what is China’s weapon over the world and whether it wants to dominate the world? Let me share the information that I’ve collated for you.!

Firstly, you might have heard from many people around you and in the media about China spreading the CoronaVirus, dominating the low economical countries, planning to conquer nearby island countries such as Hongkong, and so on…

I won’t be judgemental here but most of them across the world have started hating the Chinese people which is incorrect as it’s not the people who are responsible for all these, but these are the decision made by the Communist Party of China which is ruling the country since years.

All the ideas, laws, decisions, political parties are approved by this Communist party. Its agenda is not to replicate the other countries’ political systems but to implement a democratic dictatorship in the country. If you consider China as a Democratic country then you might have to relook the meaning of Democracy. As this can be different for the world because the Chinese government has its own meaning of Democracy.

Let’s discuss why China has been the center of the table in recent days:

CoronaVirus (COVID’19): 

Scientists have confirmed that the virus has been originated from the Wuhan province, but no investigations have been confirmed whether it was from animals or from humans. Also, there is a rolling controversy of the virus as a bio-weapon just because there is a WIV (Wuhan Institute of Virology) located nearby.

However, various scientists from all over the world are still investigating the cause of the virus, so let’s leave it on them to conclude. Recent progress on the investigations held by scientists.

China's weapon over the world

If we dive deep, it’s not the problem of how the virus got originated, but the way it’s been affecting the world is very disheartening. A lot of positive/negative things have occurred within a few months:

  • Many people lost and are still losing their loved ones.
  • Halted business activities.
  • The downfall of the world’s economy.
  • Many people lost their jobs.
  • We learned the value of people/families.
  • A surge in online activities.
  • Started new ways of leading life.

This is a never-ending list we are still fighting with the virus. It is said, ‘Whatever happens in life, it happens for a reason’. Let’s stop this blaming game on the people of China, as even they are the victims of this pandemic and they are struggling to get out of this situation. Let’s try focusing on what’s coming next and live every moment of life how sad or happy it is 🙂

Economic Domination: 

After the US it is Japan which was holding the title of the world’s second-largest economy, but China crushed it to claim the title in 2010. Based on China’s current economic rate it is predicted to surpass the US by 2030. 

This was not something that has been planned overnight, but this was the vision of Deng Xiaoping since the 1970s. With the introduction of many reforms by the leadership, there was a surge in the country’s average GDP at 9.5% through 2018. The main idea here was to increase the trades with other countries by indulging in their markets with the replicas & low priced products.

They were successful with this idea as China is the world’s prominent source of imports/exports for different products/goods & software essentials.

China's weapon over the world
China’s Trade insights mentioned by CNBC

Border Disputes:

You might be aware that recently there were border conflicts that arose between India-China, Hongkong-China. Not only these countries, but it has territorial issues with 18 nations in the world. The main rationale behind this could be the expansion of authority over different territories would give them dominance in different regions by which they can advance in trades as well as be the monopoly. More details on border conflicts.

China's weapon over the world
Image showing China’s border conflicts with various countries

Debt Traps:

You might think that Foreign investments are good for a country’s economic growth, but again China has its own way of dealing with it. It has been targeting weaker economic countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, different parts of Africa and deposited huge investments in infrastructures which won’t help those but countries but are favorable to China.

For example, Investments in Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port which is one of the busiest sea lanes in the world. China has lent $1.1 billion dollars for the construction of the port by holding 12% of the country’s debts. No sooner the debt would be repaid and till then the port would be controlled by China to get dominance on middle-east markets and also by creating its military bases in the country.

Let’s go through quick facts to know the reason behind why china has been investing billion dollars in the past years:

“The stakes in Africa are high due to the continent’s rich abundance in raw materials. Africa is estimated to contain 90% of the entire world supply of platinum and cobalt, half of the world’s gold supply, two-thirds of world manganese, and 35% of the world’s uranium. It also accounts for nearly 75% of the world’s coltan, an important mineral used in electronic devices, including cell phones.”

Adding to this will also give the geographical advantage to establish the military base to withstand its rivalry from the United States.

China's weapon over the world
Image showing countries with high Debt Risk

How can you stop this?

I strongly believe that it’s not what is being produced but it’s the demand which serves as a cause for inventions. At some point, it’s not China’s who is trying to dominate the world, but we are the reason for the generating of demand and due to which we had to rely on external resources like China which are utilizing the opportunity to establish their goods in our markets.

The simple thing we need to follow:

  • Keep up the country’s economy by encouraging local businesses & brands by purchasing their products rather than showing interest in foreign products.
  • Try to be creative, think about what you can do in your profession, or can choose a profession which can suffice your personal needs and countries. Ex: By not working in strenuous  BPO’s or call centers for foreign companies you can support your family business or can start one.
  • Believe in our local talent, we have apps/Softwares programmed by our engineer equally efficient compared to the leaders. But, we tend to go with what masses follow (Tik-Tok, ShareIT).
  • We can support our government to minimize the forex investments, by increasing the cash flow in the country by investing in local businesses, startups & self-owned companies.

If the soldier near the border can protect the country from territorial invasions, then why shouldn’t we play an equal role to protect the country from economical invasions?

Instead of hating & complaining about the people/communities around us and being jealous of others who are achieving success, let’s work our ass off, and be sensible in what we are doing and planning to do.


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