What is Desire? How Desire motivates you?

What is desire

Howdy Fellas..! Looks like you’re curious to know what is Desire and the way it can motivate you. Let’s get into details…

We are human beings continuously evolving from many years in search of betterment in every aspect of our lives. Though most of us enjoy what we have, few of us want to explore new things every day (If possible, every moment) and craving is what drives them irrespective of what our choices are.

What is Desire?

Desire isn’t just limited to us – humans. It’s a magical force that keeps every living creature on wheels. Everyone aspires to achieve things in life such as having a six-figure salary, acquiring properties, being famous, living a lavish life (Dan Bilzerian [Insta celeb]), hands-on best engines (cars/motorbikes), to spend nights with hot models. Few also want to be a spiritual leader, an athlete, a philosopher, to be an influencer/motivator, and what not!

Our Hero:

Now comes the difficult part where it is decided whether you settle with your desires or fulfill them as a go-getter. To explain this in a better way here is an example of a go-getter that I came across recently which is about Mr.Alpine ibex.

Here are a few interesting things which I feel awed about this little creature: They are the wild goats in Italy well known for their climbing abilities. I know you need proof and here it is:


Yes, what you are seeing is true; they can climb at a gradient of almost close to 90 degrees. This photograph shows the Cingino Dam in northern Italy, in the region of Piedmont.


These death-defying goats climb up the dams which are at 160 feet from sea level almost every day. It’s not how they ascend the dam that makes them unique, but the reason behind risking their lives to climb the sheer drop dam which is: “to lick saltpeter and other mineral salts“.

Yes, the desire to have the salt precipitates available on the walls of the dam to compensate for their salt-deficient vegetarian diets keeps them going.

What is desire

To Wind-up:

The takeaway I wanted to point out here is that when the goats are able to challenge nature to fulfill their desires, then why can’t we humans who are considered to be the most intelligent being on the planet are afraid to take risks to achieve our desires (so-called dreams)? Let’s be grateful for the resources we have and seek inspiration from the people around and smack your goals.

One of the reasons might be that we have been programmed in our childhood on our abilities and defining limitations. And some of them find it difficult to keep up the balance between mind and heart, which drags us into unfavorable situations making us compromise on our dreams.

By now, you might be aware that we are limitless and can conquer anything & everything. So, never ever give up on your love/ passion for something that you dream of. We are living in a digital era, there is a lot of positivity around us and let’s make the most of it and strive to accomplish our dreams without trading-off.

Stay Strong… Focused…Motivated…!

3 amazing facts about Desire:

  • There is no ending for desires in one’s life.
  • Desire is considered as a type of pain.    
  • Desires don’t last long, they keep on changing.

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