Is Meditation Important? Why Should We Meditate? Best Facts

Is Meditation Important? Why Should We Meditate? Know Amazing Facts

If you have come here, it signals that you’ve heard a lot about meditation over a long time and trying to know more about it. Let me try making it easy for you with the information I’ve:

Why is it so Important?

Meditating will usually calm your mind, as when cells in our body relax it releases a hormone called ‘cortisol’ and this low level of hormone moves us into a parasympathetic nervous system helping the body to rest. 

You might think that this can be replaced by playing a sport or doing some workouts. These will indeed activate the brain and muscles, however, they don’t rejuvenate us mentally.

I’d suggest you try meditating and see the truth of who you really are and what your drives are. It helps you to identify what you really want to do and not things we want to do to impress others, or what you have been programmed to do. 

How should it be done?

> Choose your favorite place in your home

> Get into sitting posture by keeping your spine straight

> Rest your arms on your lap and close your eyes

> Take deep breaths and fill your lungs with oxygen.

> Once we shut our eyes, many thoughts will run in our minds and the most common mistake we tend to do is force yourself is to shut them out. 

The idea here is not to focus on suppressing the thoughts but to concentrate on our breathing. Let the thoughts intervene, however, ensure to let your mind stay calm and accept the thoughts. This is the settled way of dealing with our negative emotions and let them out of our minds to bring the piece in you. 

If you are not able to make it happen and are frustrated with the thought flow, then you can try to get focused on your breaths by counting them. It’s like playing a game in your mind by taking a breath, holding it, and releasing it with counts which will indulge you subconsciously into meditation.

Start with 5 minutes a day and do it for a week, I’d bet with you that you will experience tenderness. Once you get habituated, try to dive deep into your thoughts by increasing the time week on week. 

How to meditate

How it would change you:

  • It has a direct impact on your thought process, the way you think, and reacts to the situations.
  • Human psychology is that we tend to value materialistic things more than the real relations around us. By Meditating you would understand how important you are to the society and prominence of relations and the better way to deal with them without any chaos.
  • You can notice a drastic change in your lifestyle, you’d stop spending your time on social media and rather spend it productively with enriching creative thoughts flowing through your mind.
  • Everyone wants to know the purpose in life and keep on searching for it, but when you are mentally strong and are patient with the things going in life, you would automatically get to know your further steps. 
  • You’d be aware of things going around you that trigger the presence of mind which most of them lack and boosts the confidence in you.
  • As you take heavy breaths in meditation, it increases the oxygen levels in your body and supplies it to the cells and makes your body feel better instantly. 
  • You can control your conscious mind and it’s very important to do so because the subconscious mind accepts beliefs and perceptions from the conscious mind. For example: If you are scared of a dog, then the feeling passes to the subconscious mind and it raises your heartbeat. If you are calm, then the same goes for your subconscious mind.

The takeaway would be we tend to waste a lot of time daily, so let’s start allocating 5 min for ourselves to be the better version that we always dreamt of.

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